My Cup of Tea

cropped-cropped-shirleystea-party.pngWelcome, welcome.

I’m Shirley McCann from Springfield, Missouri.  I start every morning with a cup of Earl Grey tea before I get dressed. Can’t function without it.

I also love Cinnamon poptarts, unsweet iced tea. Oh. And Chocolate. I mean, that’s a given, right?

I also have eight dinner plates in my house. If we’re having a get together that requires more than that, we’ll be using paper plates. I do not like to spend the evening doing dishes.

I’m a HUGE Andy Griffith Fan.  My mouse sets on an Andy Griffith mouse pad. I have Andy Griffith light switch fixtures, a Barney Fife Hat, and numerous wall hangings. And Aunt Bee’s Cookbook.

I’ve been writing for years, published mostly in short stories. Woman’s World Mini Mysteries are my favs.  So fun to create a story with clues and see if the reader can figure it out.  I rarely know who the killer is until I’m done. Then I have to go back and put in clues for the reader.  Absolutely love doing these kinds of stories.

You’ll also find a link to my young adult series, The Scarry Inn. If you like to be scared, you’ll like this six-book series.