Seances? Yes or No?

I admit it. I have a fascination with the paranormal. Probably because I’ve seen or heard things that can’t otherwise be explained.

The third installment of The Scarry Inn Series, The Morgue, will focus on a the morgue front cover

seance between friends. Since I’ve never had the pleasure of

participating in one, I had to Google seances to see what to expect.  Below are a few things I learned.

  1. While it isn’t mandatory, it helps to have participants who are open-minded
  2. It’s helpful if the person in charge of conducting the seance is a medium or has psychic abilities.
  3. Place at least three candles in the center of the table.
  4. Ask yes or no questions
  5. All participants should hold hands
  6. End the session by thanking the spirit for coming and break the circle of hand-holding

I’d love to know if anyone has participated in a seance, and what your experiences were. My fingers are crossed that someday I’ll have that pleasure as well.

About Shirley McCann

Shirley McCann is a tea drinker and avid reader. She lives in Springfield, MO with her two children and five grandchildren.
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2 Responses to Seances? Yes or No?

  1. My answer is YES! I think it would be very interesting to sit in on a seance. I’d really like to go see a medium like John Edward or Theresa Caputo. I went to see one with my friend Norma once. It was right after her husband passed away and the woman came up with so much accurate stuff.


  2. Wow. I would have liked to do that. We have a mutual friend whose sister is psychic medium. Hoping she’ll have one at her house soon.


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