Box Office Murder/Friday Fictioneers

“I need a good sturdy box about 3 feet by 7 feet.”

“Sir, we don’t have those here. Box Office means movie theater tickets or show tickets. We don’t sell boxes.”

“So it’s false advertising?”



He huffed. “Of course not.”

Joel scratched his head. “Okay, then give me a ticket for a sturdy box about 3 feet by 7 feet.”

“Sir, I’ve already told you we don’t sell boxes here. If you don’t leave, I’m gonna have to call the police.”

Joel took the gun from his pocket and fired two shots.

Damn, he thought. Now he’d need two boxes.


100 Words

About Shirley McCann

Shirley McCann is a tea drinker and avid reader. She lives in Springfield, MO with her two children and five grandchildren.
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21 Responses to Box Office Murder/Friday Fictioneers

  1. neilmacdon says:

    An easy mistake to make

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  2. Nice ~Very Gracie Allen/Lou Costello

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  3. Iain Kelly says:

    Ha, loved it! 🙂

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  4. granonine says:

    How frustrating, to need two boxes 🙂 Fun story.

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  5. Dear Shirley,

    Who’s on first, what’s on second. Love the banter with a little homicide thrown in for good measure. 😉



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  6. Dale says:

    That was hilarious…. well, we are not supposed to laugh at murder but told this way, how could we not?


  7. gahlearner says:

    Hehhe. I love the dimensions of the box(es) he needs. I wonder what or who was supposed to go into the first one.


  8. Sandra says:

    Very dry! 🙂 Loved it.


  9. draliman says:

    A very cold customer! He needs to visit my Box Office 🙂

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  10. pennygadd51 says:

    Teehee! I love the way you conjure a twist out of nowhere. “Damn, he thought. Now he’d need two boxes.”

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  11. Simply brilliant! It’s not often we find ourselves laughing at a shooting!

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  12. That would make a great skit, Shirley. Well written use of the prompt. 😀 — Suzanne

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  13. msjadeli says:

    I love this story of a person with single-minded purpose (that became double-minded 😉

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  14. Margaret says:

    A likeable psychopath? You’ve just created one. Very funny – if a touch on the dark side.

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  15. James McEwan says:

    Joel’s confusion is scary. I know this is funny but still there are people like him out there, somewhere.

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  16. Hmm, I think Joel has some anger issues and created yet another problem. =)

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  17. Oh wow!! This was brilliant!! Left me with a wide grin! 😀 😀

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  18. tedstrutz says:

    Whoa! Good one.


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