The Confession

“You want to confess a sin here? It’s boarded up.”

“The sentiment is the same.”

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Photo by Roger Bultot

“So, it’s the thought that counts?”

“You might say that.”

“So how does this work? Do we just stand here and you confess?”

“That’s exactly what we do.”

“What are you confessing to? Or is that a secret between you and your maker?”

“The less people know, the better.” He pulled out a knife. “My wife already confessed your affair to me. She paid, now it’s your turn.”

“You think confessing will absolve you?”

“He always forgives.” He plunged the knife into his friend’s chest.

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A Blind Attempt/Friday Fictioneers

“Just take your time and sift through all of them.”

Marla brushed her trembling fingers lightly across the pictures. SNo photo description available.he stopped on one, closed her eyes, and sucked in a breath. “This one.”

Detective Marsh leaned forward. “Are you sure?”

She nodded. “It’s him. I’d bet my life on it.”

Marla winced at how true that statement was. As a blind psychic woman, she knew she’d been lucky to escape. The man who’d attacked her, as well as numerous other women, had to be stopped.

“You were lucky,” Marsh told her.

“I know.” She had lived to tell. Many hadn’t.

100 Words




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Box Office Murder/Friday Fictioneers

“I need a good sturdy box about 3 feet by 7 feet.”

“Sir, we don’t have those here. Box Office means movie theater tickets or show tickets. We don’t sell boxes.”

“So it’s false advertising?”



He huffed. “Of course not.”

Joel scratched his head. “Okay, then give me a ticket for a sturdy box about 3 feet by 7 feet.”

“Sir, I’ve already told you we don’t sell boxes here. If you don’t leave, I’m gonna have to call the police.”

Joel took the gun from his pocket and fired two shots.

Damn, he thought. Now he’d need two boxes.


100 Words

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Hopeless/Friday Fictioneers

Carly couldn’t believe it had come to this. Her whole life, all she ever wanted was to feel like a part of something.

But she’d been a target ever since she could

PHOTO PROMPT © J Hardy Carroll

remember. She recalled her first birthday party invitation. The popular party game Pin The Tail On The Donkey appeared fun and harmless until she found herself blindfolded and outside all alone, the door to the house locked, the giggling from inside tormenting her.

Unfortunately the bullying continued into her teen years. How much could one person take?

She looked down into the vast body of water.

And jumped.

100 Words


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Shaarrkk!!!!/Friday Fictioneers

“It’s not the same thing,” Jake said. “The one you’re thinking of was a moss covered cable.”

Dale nodded. “This is a river, not an ocean. But that doesn’t make it any less scary for me.”

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PHOTO PROMPT © Sandra Crook

“So you’re not getting in? You’re really letting some silly pretend motion picture dictate your fun? You know how ridiculous that is, right?”

Dale swallowed. “You think I’m being irrational?”

“You don’t?”

Dale blew out a loud breath. “Okay. I’ll get in.” He took a few cautious steps into the water.

Jake’s warning scream came too late as the shark swallowed his friend’s body.


100 Words

Author Note:  I’m a huge JAWS fan.  This prompt reminded me of the moss-covered cable from Jaws 2.

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All Sewn Up/Friday Fictioneers

“What have you got?” Detective Peterson asked the medical examiner when he arrived at the factory.

“An employee found her boss dead on the floor whenImage may contain: indoor she arrived to work this morning.”

“Got a cause of death yet?”

“So far it appears to be an accident, but I’ll know more after the autopsy. My best guess is that he tripped on a large spool of thread and fell headfirst into a spooling machine.”

“Any witnesses?”

“Isn’t that what you’re here for, detective?” He stood up. “Need anything else from me?”

“Nope. Looks like you’ve got this case all sewn up.”

100 Words

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Together Forever/Friday Fictioneers

“Why do you keep this horrid thing around?”

Marla smiled. “Devon tried his best to make beautiful music on this piano.”

“But Devon is dead. The piano is decayed. And there’re things growing on it.”

“They’re called flowers, Eva. Flowers are nice.”

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PHOTO PROMPT © Anshu Bhojnagarwala

“Some flowers are nice. These look more like weeds.” She sipped her tea. “Kind of like that weed of a husband you had.”

“Which is why I had Devon cremated before his death could be properly investigated.”

“You killed him?”

“Yes. And his ashes are right where they belong. Rotting into the ground along with his precious piano.”


100 Words

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The Perfect Place – Friday Fictioneers

“I don’t think it’s open.”

“Of course, it isn’t,” Jake said. “That’s why it’s the perfect place.”

Kathy slammed the car door shut. “You promised


me a night I’d never forget. This place is a dump and it looks abandoned.”

Jake ushered her to the entrance. “Trust me, you’ll never forget it.” He opened the front door and waved her inside.

“It’s unlocked?” Kathy narrowed her eyes. “Who leaves a business unlocked?”

Jake winked. “Someone who doesn’t care anymore.”

She peeked inside, then hesitated. “I’m not sure this is a good idea.”

Jake produced a knife. “Trust me, it is.”

100 Words


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“Come on, let’s shove him out this window and get out of here.”

“Why’d you have to hit him so hard?” Dave asked.

John gritted his teeth. “Will you shut up. Just open the window and let’s heave him out.” He grabbed the top half of Eric’s body and dragged him toward the window. “The body will be so mangled no one will suspect foul play.”

Dave paused at the window then backed up. “Uh, we have a problem.”

John noticed the swarm of bees around the window.

“Looks like we’re about to open up a hornet’s nest of trouble.”


100 Words

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Seances? Yes or No?

I admit it. I have a fascination with the paranormal. Probably because I’ve seen or heard things that can’t otherwise be explained.

The third installment of The Scarry Inn Series, The Morgue, will focus on a the morgue front cover

seance between friends. Since I’ve never had the pleasure of

participating in one, I had to Google seances to see what to expect.  Below are a few things I learned.

  1. While it isn’t mandatory, it helps to have participants who are open-minded
  2. It’s helpful if the person in charge of conducting the seance is a medium or has psychic abilities.
  3. Place at least three candles in the center of the table.
  4. Ask yes or no questions
  5. All participants should hold hands
  6. End the session by thanking the spirit for coming and break the circle of hand-holding

I’d love to know if anyone has participated in a seance, and what your experiences were. My fingers are crossed that someday I’ll have that pleasure as well.

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