My Book Reviews

Different ClassDifferent Class: A Novel by [Harris, Joanne]

by Joanne Harris


Roy Straitley has been a teacher for thirty years. He’s had his fair share of oddball students. But one particular student named Johnny Harrington never strayed far from his mind. Johnny was evil.

In a bizarre twist of fate, Johnny has suddenly returned as the new headmaster. And St. Oswald’s School of Grammar will never be the same.

While I did enjoy the book, there were times I found it a bit too wordy for my taste. I admit I skipped over what I considered a lot of superfluous words and phrases. Still a good read. Very  haunting.

The Twilight Wife

by A.J. Banner


Kyra Winthrop was involved in a diving accident that wiped her memory. She keeps having flashbacks of another person being there, but her husband, Jacob, insists there wasn’tThe Twilight Wife by [Banner, A.J.].

Kyra is sure Jacob i keeping something from her. But what?

The Twilight Wife kept me interested all through the book, however, I did feel that I knew at least part of the plot. And I did. A bit cliché but a good book. The atmosphere is dark and foreboding.  Definitely worth a read.


The Years That Followed

by Catherine Dunn


Calista falls in love, leaves her family and moves to Cyprus with her ne414qxnk0s5lw husband, who she later discovers is abusive.

Pilar is an independent woman who falls for an older man. She becomes pregnant and gives up her child for adoption.

These two women have no idea how closely their lives will intertwine in the coming years.

This story is dark, foreboding and captivating. I couldn’t put it down. It hooked me from the very beginning. Recommended for anyone who loves mystery as well as romance.

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