Short Story Collections

I LOVE short mystery stories. I love taking an idea and placing clues and red herrings to allow the reader to solve the mystery herself, or himself, as the case may be. I hope you’ll check out some of my collections, listed below. I’ll continue to add more as time allows. Click on any book to buy your copy from Amazon.

A collection of 13 short mysteries, some for you to solve and some for you to enjoy.A Collection (Mystery Collection) by [McCann, Shirley]Got Time1

The answers are provided for those who have trouble solving the mysteries.

13 More Solve It Yourself Mysteries. Again the answers are provided for those who need a little help.



Got Time 2Ten short stories, some mystery, some horror. You won’t be disappointed with Got Time? Vol II.


Want to be terrified? While I Give You My Heart is different from my usual whodunit stories, it’s still filled with mystery and suspense. Ten bone-chilling, heart-stopping mysteries.



Anonymously Yours

As Denise and Justin begin to resume their lost relationship, their lives are in danger. Anonymously Yours keeps you guessing until the end.


The Necklace is a fast-moving mystery aimed at the age group graduating from Nancy Drew and Hardy Boys mysteries.